...specializes in serving clients who are looking to buy or sell property in Houston and surrounding cities. She has a comprehensive understanding of the market and is skillful in strategic pricing, marketing and negotiating. An MBA graduate and former Compliance Analyst, Ms. Lesa has built a reputation for providing trustworthy, well-researched advice to her clients. With over 18 years experience in sales and customer service, Ms. Lesa is passionate about providing the best possible service, in an ever-changing market. She knows that it is increasingly important to be knowledgeable about the trends and data in the local housing market and has the best market intelligence and strategic advice to support her clients.

Who We Are

Ten plus years of passionate commitment to helping grow our city has been well worth it. We've helped countless families find their first home, or expand into something bigger with new additions to their families. We have successfully assisted sellers with getting top dollar for their properties. Our motto and goal is to get you in or out of a home as quickly as possible and as financially conscious as possible. So whether its buying, selling or leasing...                                                 

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What We Do

Whether you're buying your very first home or moving to our beautiful city, we will help you find the place you want to spend at least a substantial amount of time, if not the rest of your life. Our team of experienced Realtors and support staff know the areas well and how to match both you and your lifestyle to an appropriate neighborhood that's within your price range. We won't stop until you're happy because we know this is a big investment for you and want you to be happy with your new residence.

Ms. Lesa Gibson

Lesa Y. Gibson, MBA, ABR

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